New testers often ask me what are the best sites to sharpen their saw. So I composed this list of news sources that I frequently check to stay up to date with new trends in the industry. Let me know if you have other valuable sources that you often reference in the comment section.


Joe is a genius in software testing. He offers great insights through his captivating newsletters as well as well-written blog posts. He also does a lot of podcasts with famous influencers in our industry. If you’re new to software testing and test automation, I’d suggest you pick his blog as the starting point. Check out his site at


Techwell is a prestigious institution in software testing. They organize the famous STAREAST and STARTWEST software testing conferences every year. Thousands of attendants have learned a lot from these conferences. If you don’t have the luxury of going to their conferences, check out their site to find useful articles from the guest speakers and bloggers instead.

#3. LogiGear Blog | Magazine

LogiGear is a Silicon Valley veteran (founded in 1994). They specialize in software testing services and tools. You’ll find their blog and magazine (two separate venues) populated by articles about testing best practices and other insights. Some of the most popular posts are:

#4. Applitools Blog

If you love visual testing and the record-n-playback tool Selenium IDE, this blog is your best friend. Applitools indeed spearheads the rewrite of Selenium IDE to make it more reliable and appealing to less-technical testers.

#5. Asktester

The creator of this blog, Thanh Huynh usually writes about testing and test automation. He has composed many useful curated lists and guides for testers who want to improve their skills and climb the career ladder faster. I definitely recommend it.

#6. Blazemeter Blog

If you’re interested in performance testing, especially Apache JMeter, Blazemeter is a good place to start. They write often and their posts are on topic.

#7. DZone

This blog is not written for testers. You’ll find stuff related to software development in general. As a tester, we should check out what are the hot technologies out there to continuously learn and stay on top of our job.

#8. James Bach

Have you ever heard of James Bach? He’s the famous guy who invented Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). Take a sneak peek inside his brilliant mind by reading his blog. You’ll find interesting testing ideas there.

#9. Saucelabs Blog

Love Selenium? Why not reading this blog from one of the serious backers of the Selenium project? Saucelabs also organizes conferences called SauceCon.

#10. SmartBear Blog

SmartBear are the creators of many famous test automation tools such as SoapUI Pro and TestComplete. They made headlines last year by acquiring Zephyr, a test management tool. Their blog will give you many good insights on their products.

#11. Software Testing Magazine

The name is self-explanatory. What will you find there? Software testing stuff of course.

#12. TechBeacon

TeachBeacon is a blog about application development, testing, DevOps and many more. It’s sponsored by a giant in software named MicroFocus. Have you ever heard of QTP/UFT? MicroFocus is the company currently owning QTP/UFT.

Final Thoughts

The list is not exhaustive but I’ll try to add more as soon as I stumble upon an interesting resource. Hopefully this list can help you learn more and test more. Happy testing! Remember to shout out your favorite learning resources in the comment section.

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